At Spray Foam Technologies, we offer a number of spray foam insulation solutions for any project–additions, existing structures and new construction.

Every day, we’re out in the field providing quality insulating products for customers in the Upper Peninsula and Northeastern Wisconsin.

Located in Iron Mountain, MI, we’re in the heart of the north allowing us to easily mobilize to your project site.

Don’t hesitate to call us for your upcoming project!

  • Residential Applications

    New additions, existing homes and new construction, there is a spray foam solution for your project!

  • Commercial Applications

    From large pre-engineered building to a small structure, we cover them all!

Product Offering

Our Spray Foam Technologies team is specially trained for a variety of spray foam applications.  The value and exceptional results offered by spray foam products will not disappoint the pickiest customer.  You see, we’re picky too!  We stand behind our spray foam products 100%.  We’re picky about who we hire as well.  Our crew works hard, is trustworthy and capable.  You’re not only getting a quality spray foam product, you’re getting a dependable team offering knock-out service.

  • Closed Cell Spray Foam

    An excellent vapor barrier than can be used in basements, crawlspaces and rim joist as well as exterior walls.

  • Open Cell Spray Foam

    Use as an affordable solution with superior benefits to fiberglass insulation.

  • Polyurea Spray Coating

    An exterior coating that offers unique benefits such as abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, waterproofing, decoration or adding to the structure’s integrity.  Examples include exterior of basements, walls and underground applications. Available in standard colors or can be color matched.  Spray application means coating is quickly applied, appropriately measured and allows any mil thickness to be applied through one or duplicate passes.

  • ExpandoThane Spray Coating

    ExpandoThane is used as a Polyurea Roof Coating, Polyurea WaterProofing and any areas needing a high build Polyurea Coating.  Common use is an exterior roof coating for metal roofs and pole buildings. Can also be used  for foundation walls before back filling.